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Private Lessons

Time to get serious about protection

If you're serious about increasing your firearms proficiency and looking for personalized one-to-one shooting lessons with a certified firearms instructor, consider one of our shooting lessons packages.

All range instruction is conducted in the Maryland & Virginia region. Our instructors use the following range facilities for live-fire: Xcal in Ashburn VA & Maryland Small Arms located in Maryland.

Packages Available 



How many shooting lessons will it take for me to become a good shooter?

  • This is a difficult question to answer without diagnosing your current shooting abilities and knowing your goals. Many of our clients take 10-15 shooting lessons and some have taken 20+ lessons because they were intentional about accomplishing additional goals once they've started training with us. One thing's for sure, if you took one lesson a month for the next year, you'd definitely be much better than you are today.


Can I share the hourly shooting lesson with someone?

  • Sessions are tailored to meet a persons' needs, goals, and skill level. Rarely will you have two people with identical issues that need to be addressed. Therefore, we recommend that clients do not share their hourly shooting lessons with someone. Consider taking lessons during the same time on two different lanes with two different instructors or take back-to-back hourly sessions with the same instructor. You can even observe each other's sessions if you'd like.


Can I cancel a shooting lesson and reschedule?

  • Range sessions can be canceled and rescheduled without penalty if you cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled range appointment. Failure to attend a range session you've scheduled or cancelations made without given 24-hour notice will forfeit that hourly range instruction session.


How do I schedule my shooting lessons once I purchase a package?

  • Once you purchase a package, you'll receive an email confirmation from us. You can then easily and conveniently schedule your sessions. You can choose the shooting range, your preferred instructor, and the date and time for your appointment. You can even cancel and reschedule your sessions all online. If you need help you can always give us a call at 202-856-2516.

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