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These are the official policies for Armed & Trained

  • Concealed carry training is conducted in-person. There are no virtual options at this time.

  • Armed & Trained welcomes all experience levels; those who have never handled a firearm are welcome to participate.

  • You must be at least 21 years-old or within 45 days of your 21st birthday to participate in training.

  • Training spaces are limited and tend to sell out. Your space is not guaranteed until payment is received. 

  • Participants should provide their legal first and last name (matching the first and last name on their driver’s license)  when registering for training. (Participants who need the name on their training documents corrected, not due to a clerical error by Armed & Trained, will incur a $50 name correction fee.)

  • A confirmation email is sent within 48 hours of registration. The confirmation email contains all class details and includes contact information for the Armed & Trained team. 

  • Concealed carry training is 2 days, participants must attend both days to complete training. (Participants who fail show for their shooting qualification will incur a $50 reschedule fee)

  • There is a $50 range fee for the shooting qualification. The range fee includes the cost of range time, firearm rental, eye & ear protection, ammunition, and target. 

  • Participants may bring their own firearm for the shooting qualification. (Firearms may be brought to the range only, NOT the training room) Participants bringing their own firearm will still be charged the $50 range fee and must have at least 50 rounds of ammunition. (Please note Armed & Trained utilizes Maryland Small Arms prior to the range opening for the public, thus ammunition will not be available for purchase at the range)

  • There will be NO refunds for training:

    • If a participant is unable to attend the training selected during registration, the participant is permitted to reschedule. ($50 reschedule fee is incurred when a request to reschedule is received within 48 hours of originally scheduled training)

    • Armed & Trained does not issue concealed carry permits, therefore does not guarantee that training participants will be approved for their concealed carry permit(s). If a concealed carry permit is denied, please reach out to the agency that denied the permit for guidance. 

  • Weapons are not allowed in the training room. Please leave firearms, knives, tasers, martial arts weapons, etc. in your vehicle. If a participant brings a weapon to the training room, they are required to leave the weapon at the rear of the training room and may retrieve the weapon once training is dismissed.

  • Participants arriving to the classroom portion of training more than 15 minutes late will have to reschedule and will incur a $50 reschedule fee. For the shooting qualification, participants should arrive at the range no later than 8:15am. 

  • Inquiries/ questions regarding registering for training should be directed to (202) 856-2516; business hours for this phone are Tuesday- Friday 8am- 8pm. 

  • If you are already registered to participate in an upcoming training or if you have completed your training and need assistance, please contact (571) 536-1069. (Please use this number if you need immediate assistance regarding your upcoming training, i.e. running late, request to reschedule, need directions, etc.)

  • For participants who register for the Bring-a-Friend packages:

    • Please submit name (legal first and last name, matching the first and last name on driver’s license) and email of Friend at time of registration or as soon as possible (no later than 48 hours prior to training).

    • Friend is NOT required to attend the same training as the registrant however must attend training within 45 days of the registrant. Friends are not permitted to attend training prior to the registrant.

    •  Registrants are permitted to change the name of the Friend who was originally submitted, with advance notice ($50 name change fee is incurred when a request to change the name of the Friend within 48 hours of training)

  • Armed & Trained does not replace expired training documents. Anyone who participated in training after May 1, 2023, and allows their training documents to expire will have to complete training again. If you participated in training prior to May 1, 2023 and your training documents have expired, you are required to complete training again, however you will be charged at the “replacement” rate. Please contact (571) 536-1069 for assistance. 

  • The fee for replacement of damaged or misplaced training documents is $60 per document. (Please note: replacing a damaged/misplaced document does NOT extend the document, the replaced document will still have the original training date.)

  • Participants who completed training for an a la carte permit (i.e., Utah only) and would like to apply for additional permits Armed & Trained offers training for (i.e., DC, Florida, Maryland) may do so without attending training again, if training was completed within last 6 months, by paying difference. After 6 months, the participant would be required to attend training again. 

  • Armed & Trained offers private shooting lessons and welcomes all experience levels. For more information on private lessons, please contact: (202) 856-2516.

  • Notary services are available for Maryland residents interested in becoming Designated Firearms Collectors. Please contact (571) 536-1069 for more information regarding notary services. 

  • It is highly recommended to begin the renewal process 90 days prior to the expiration of your permit. There is no priority for those registering for renewals, please do not wait until the last minute to schedule your renewal training.  

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